Apple Watch 3 Review: Can It Really Replace Your iPhone?

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Apple Watch 3 Review: Can It Really Replace Your iPhone?

Get to know more about the Apple Watch 3 and learn whether it can work as a good stand-in for your iPhone in this review.

When wearable tech first came out a few years ago, it made many people hopeful of the possibilities. Unfortunately, the Apple Watch failed our expectations – it was slow and didn’t offer built-in cellular connection. So it’s not difficult to understand why a lot of people are holding out on getting the device. But when you get to know the Apple Watch 3 better, you might just change your mind.

According to some experts, the Apple Watch 3 already offers enough improvements to convince people to make a leap of faith. It has already been upgraded to work as a nice smartphone replacement, making it a reliable piece of wearable tech.

In this Apple Watch 3 review, we’ll look at how this latest iteration can be a good addition to your gadget collection. 

The Apple Watch 3 Review

So what does the latest version of the Apple Watch have to offer? Here are a few upgrades that you might appreciate:

LTE Connectivity

The biggest step up for the Apple Watch 3 is its LTE connectivity. It can receive texts and calls as well as use apps even if you’ve left your phone at home. The earlier versions of the Apple Watch are completely dependent on your phone to work so this additional feature is definitely a plus. With this, you can now leave your phone at home on your runs or when walking the dog and still stay connected and reachable.

WatchOS 4

The Apple Watch 3 also comes with the latest watchOS 4. Like other OS updates, this one offers a number of new functionalities and even an interface revamp. It also upgraded the fitness features of your smartwatch. Now, it has handier features like Running Auto Pause and Heart Rate Alerts among many others.

Screen as Antenna

A nice engineering feat for the Apple Watch 3 is in its design. Its glass screen is actually its antenna which is quite impressive. It’s still prone to dead spots, though, so you have to take note of that as well.

Water Resistance

The latest Apple Watch is also water resistant for up to 50 meters so you won’t have to take it off when swimming in a pool or the ocean. This is a great addition as it will let you monitor your heart rate no matter what your choice of exercise is.

Final Verdict

Unfortunately, there are still a few things about the Apple Watch 3 that needs to be improved. For one, it doesn’t really look all that different from the Apple Watch 2. Its battery life can also be boosted.

It shows great promise, however. This is why it’s still a solid option for those who want an Apple wearable device. With a few more tweaks that can Apple can deliver through the latest watchOS updates, it can definitely perform better.

The Apple Watch 3 is an entirely different device from the older versions. Think  of it as an iPhone for your wrist, letting you go places without having to carry a phone. So if you want to go hands-free but still stay connected, this product might just be what you need.

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