Is the Apple iPhone X Worth Getting?

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Is the Apple iPhone X Worth Getting?

With its hefty price tag, you might want to read an iPhone X review first to help you decide whether this new smartphone is worth buying.

With the annual rollout of new flagship phones from Apple and Samsung, most people are already used to spending large sums of money just to get the latest smartphones available. These units offer the latest technology and innovations and buyers are more than willing to spend a pretty penny on them. However, with the recent announcement of the iPhone X release, many have really started to think twice about their choices.

While Apple’s iPhones have always been some of the priciest options out there, the iPhone X’s $1000 starting price tag raised quite a few eyebrows. It’s a serious amount of money for a mobile device that can still get outdated after a few years.

We love the new iPhone 8, especially the camera. We use the camera for a lot of our client’s websites like

Many have wondered if it’s really worth getting. The best way to find out is to read its reviews. In this iPhone 10 review, we’ll look at how it fares against the iPhone 8. 

A Closer Look at the iPhone X

To get better acquainted with the iPhone X, we’ve rounded up a few of its most notable features. These might just help you better understand its pricing and why some experts call it the “smartphone of the future”.

All Glass Design

The very reason why lots of experts consider the iPhone X as the most beautiful smartphone in the market today is its sleek, all glass construction. Yes, aside from its screen, the back panel of the latest iPhone is also made of glass giving it an ethereal and luxurious feel. Unfortunately, it’s not the most durable material so be careful when handling this pricey smartphone.

Huge Vibrant Display

Another huge change for the iPhone X is its massive and clearer display. When you look at the phone’s face, it’s all screen. There are no more borders or bezels in this phone, giving you more screen space on your palm.

Aside from the space, the OLED display itself is magnificent. The colors are more vivid and can even adjust nicely to your environment so they’ll always look clear and bright.

Wireless Charging

Apple may have been the last to offer wireless charging, but at least they do now. You’ll need to wait for the AirPower mat to be released in 2018, though, but the iPhone X will already work with some of the available air chargers available today.

A11 Bionic Chipset

Ensuring top-notch performance to keep up with all the upgrades it offers, the iPhone X also comes with a magnificent A11 Bionic Chipset. It’s faster, tougher, and more capable than most processors today, so it makes a huge difference for the iPhone X.

iPhone X vs iPhone 8

The biggest differences between the iPhone 8 and iPhone X are in the display and camera. The iPhone X is definitely more sophisticated and is equipped with more advanced technology. It has an OLED display while the iPhone 8 has an LCD IPS. The edge to edge display on the iPhone X is also worth raving about.

The camera on the iPhone 8 is also just a 12mp sensor while the iPhone X has dual-12mp cameras with an optical telephoto zoom. Its front camera is comparable with main cameras in older models as well.

Naturally, the iPhone 8’s specifications are a few notches lower than the iPhone X, hence the pricing, but they also feel different when held and used.

Is the iPhone X Worth It?

The iPhone X wows, no doubt about it, but is it worth spending $1000? It all depends on you, really. Not everyone is willing to shell out that much for a smartphone, so that’s something you really have to consider.

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